Q: What is this/Is this real?

A: Zen Delivery is a bike powered delivery serving in NE, SE and Downtown Minneapolis, MN. We are the realest. 

Q: Why bikes?  

A: Why not!

1- Bikes can handle almost anything.

You might think that a bicycle delivery service would only be able to handle small deliveries. But professional bike couriers can carry loads of over 200lbs without any problems. 

2- They are faster than cars.

Skilled cyclists are just as fast as, or faster than cars. This is for a number of reasons, but primarily it's because of traffic. Due to Minneapolis's beautiful cycling infrastructure cyclists are less susceptible to traffic, and can generally move more, and travel at greater speeds.    

3- They are cheaper. 

First and foremost they cost nothing to use; you don't have to pay for gas. Secondly, the cost of bicycle maintenance is a fraction of what it would cost on a car.

4- They are good for the environment. 

At this point it doesn't even need to be said, but no matter how obvious, it's one of the most crucial advantages bikes have over cars. Bikes are good for the environment. 

Motorized vehicles are one of the biggest contributors to air pollution on the planet, and at a time where efforts to reduce humanity's contributions to pollution are essential but often neglected, making the simple, cost-beneficial choice of using bikes for delivery is an easy one. 

At no extra cost to you, you can use a service that helps to make the air we all breathe a little cleaner and healthier. 


Q: Are you hiring?

A: A bike couriers job isn't easy. We are delivery professionals. We put hundreds of miles a week on our tires. We ride in the rain, snow and blazing hot summer sun. Whatever the weather, we're there with a smile on our face, on-time, delivering to happy customers. 

If you have experience moving things on a bike and think you've got what it takes, go ahead and send your resume to zendeliverympls@gmail.com. (We do NOT take orders via e-mail.)